Cross-over to a healthier you


Hi I'm Laurita, I started Support∙Change∙Heal in 2013, and have been working as a psychotherapist for over ten years. I look forward to supporting you on your therapy journey.



At times the problems we face in our lives can become overwhelming, they start to effect our relationships with others, our work, our school, and our daily functioning, it’s at times like these that therapy serves as an important support and means by which to confront one’s issues and work through them.

The goal is not to let therapy become a crutch for life but rather as a means of strengthening you and empowering you to move forward in a more healthy way.
Too often we use unhealthy things as a means of dealing with or covering pain, anxiety, stress, and confusion – these things can be alcohol, drugs, sex, partying, dysfunctional relationships, and the list goes on.

I support you in finding healthy ways to deal with what lies beneath the surface and provide you with a safe and confidential space in which you can truly express yourself and have your story be heard.



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